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School Rules / Guidelines

  • The medium of teaching is English.
  • Students must respect all teachers and authorities
  • All the students must observe punctuality in arriving at school and otherfunctions of the school. d. All the students are expected to come in uniforms . However other dresses will be permitted on special occasions on birthday or celebrations etc.
  • The children will not be permitted to meet , talk on phone or accept gifts / edibles from any person other than parents or the representative authorised by the parents in advance.
  • It is compulsary for the parents and students to attend all the functions of the school , especially monthly Parents Teachers Meeting.
  • The children will not be allowed to wear expensive items like jewellery, wrist watch etc. No money or toy should be provided to the children for carrying to the school.
  • While necessary precautions shall be taken , the school authorities will not be responsible for any accident or injury to the child during organised activities inside or outside the school including use of the swimming pool and transport etc
  • Rickshaws and van are not approved as means of school transport .They are private transportation vehicles. Thus the school doesn’t owes any responsibility of children. You are requested to kindly cross-check the facilities and safety measure provided by the vehicles engaged in the transportation of children to school
  • If your child is sick do not send him/her to school specially when he /she is suffering from infectious disease . If the kid requires medication during his / her stay in school , Principal may be informed with details.
  • Please ensure that your child comes to school with labeled bags , bottles , a full set of change clothes and a napkin (for class PG & PNC).
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